About The Roots and Routes of Boylesque

“What’s boylesque? It’s the dessert. I’ve been eating for 15 years and the dessert has finally arrived.

— World Famous *BOB*


The dissertation project The Roots and Routes of Boylesque addresses the history and political aspects of boylesque. Kalle Westerling, Ph.D. Candidate in Theatre and Performance Studies at The Graduate Center, CUNY, analyzes the genre and the employment of the term boylesque in relation to a larger history of male striptease in New York, the US, and globally. The “new” genre of boylesque has a long history. It’s my attempt here to find that long and winding path.

facepicKalle Westerling is a Ph.D. Candidate in Theatre and Performance Studies at The Graduate Center, CUNY. He also co-directs the Scholars project for the The Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory (HASTAC). He is on the Board of Directors for The Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies, as well as the board of Swedish Performance Studies-focused publishing house STUTS. Read his full CV on his personal website.

Current List of Artists
Because many ask me who are performing in the genre, I have included a list of all the artists below.
2 to Fly (New York City)
Albert Cadabra (New York City)
Bad Apple Boylesque (New York City)
Bastard Keith (New York City)
Bazuka Joe (Chicago)
Beau Creep (Canada)
Ben Franklin (New York City)
Bobby Barnaby (San Francisco)
Bohemian Bretheren (San Francisco)
Boylesque TO (Canada)
Brewster [McCall] (New York City)
Brief Sweat (New York City)
Captain Kidd (Brisbane)
Charles D Barkley (Australia)
Charlie Champale (Denver)
Charly Voodoo (Paris)
Christopher Bousquet (New York City)
Cole Escola (New York City)
Creamed Stu (New York City)
Damian Wunderluv (Colorado)
Dew Lily (Canada)
Dirty Develin (Chicago)
El Toro (Canada)
Faux Pas (New York City)
Gee Gee Louise (Connecticut)
Go-Go Harder (New York City)
GoGo Gadget (New York City)
Hard Cory (New York City)
Hot Toddy (Chicago)
Jack N Tha Cox (Savannah)
Jason Mejias (New York City)
Johnny Panic (New York City)
Jonny Porkpie (New York City)
Kirby LaBrea (Los Angeles)
Lou Henry Hoover (New York City)
Lucky Charming (New York City)
Luminous Pariah (Seattle)
Maddy Mann (New York City)
Mahogany Storm (Toronto)
Manchego (New York City)
Mat Fraser (London)
Matt Knife (New York City)
McLovin (New York City)
Mike Monaco (Massachusetts)
Mod Carousel (Seattle)
Mr. Gorgeous (New York City)
Mr. Valdez (Colorado)
Mustang Monroe (Colorado)
Paco Fish (Baltimore)
Paris Original (Seattle)
Ray Gunn (Chicago)
Rify Royalty (New York City)
Russell Bruner (Portland)
SinJyn (Denver)
Sirelesque (Massachusetts)
Suffra Gent (New York City)
The Evil Hate Monkey (New York City)
Tigger! (New York City)
Trojan Original (Seattle)
Viktor Devonne (New Jersey)
Waxie Moon (Seattle)

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