Friday Update

First, a note on the format of these updates: This project may be in its beginning phases but I am intent on following up weekly on here. I am inspired by Amanda Visconti’s (Literature_Geek) suggestion after having finished a digitally-born dissertation to have weekly updates sent to your advisers. She talked about it during the event “Evaluating, Valuing, and Promoting Digital Scholarship” at The Graduate Center on April 21, 2015 (see livestream from it here). Visconti not only sent her advisers updates every week but also tracked all her writing on GitHub to convey the time she spent on her dissertation.

If you’re interested in reading the tweets from the event, the wonderful Ben Miller (benmiller314) put together a Storify afterwards.

This week has been hard to get on top of my work because I just came back from a full week in Lansing, MI for the 2015 HASTAC conference, had Monday and Tuesday off with flu-like symptoms, and then attended a Strategy Retreat with HASTAC and The Futures Initiative for the past two days. Yet:

This was also the two weeks when the real planning and implementation of this site came about. While I had registered the domain names and a while back in the Spring, I hadn’t really gotten anything up and running yet. My goal had been to get the website running before the HASTAC conference, as I presented on digital scholarship (follow #remixthediss on twitter for the long conversation that started in September 2014!) at the conference but wasn’t ready to launch until after the conference. Darn — because of course at least one tweeter during the conference wanted to link out to my work and was only able to find a very early work-in-progress-ey site that I had created on the CUNY Academic Commons. Oh, well! Now there’s at least one place in the cyberverse where the project can be found.

Though technically it was last week (depending on what weekday you use to start counting), on Sunday I submitted a proposal to the American Society for Theatre Researchers, and their working group on Collaboration, Evaluation, and Access in Digital Theatre Scholarship. Clearly (considering my presentation on digital scholarship at the HASTAC 2015 Conference), this working group is just right for me at this time, and I really hope my proposal is accepted.

This week, I have also set up a separate MySQL database where I am trying to keep track of boylesque artists who have participated in shows over the past couple of years. The about page on this website is pulling information from this database and creating a neat looking list of boylesque artists. I wanted to create a page like this to be able to direct folks interested in knowing more about the people in the field of boylesque, and see what they are doing. The list also links out to the artists’ websites, and in the case I haven’t been able to find their websites, to their Twitter, Facebook, and lastly Instagram profiles. Hopefully, all of them have a social media presence in any of those forums. The list is by no means an exhaustive list of the artists active in boylesque shows all over the world. If you’re interested in attending boylesque shows, the easiest way is, of course, to keep an eye on social media such as Facebook and Twitter for the keyword but also to remember to get tickets for one of the annual boylesque festivals (now in New York, Seattle, New Orleans, Vienna, and soon London!).