Friday Update: June 26

This has been an exciting week on many levels.

Personally, despite not being a huge fanatic when it comes to marriage and all of that, Friday’s victory is a landmark victory for those who want to get married. And maybe now, finally, the LGBTQ movement can get on to bigger questions such as the awful racism in this country, the transphobia that still lives within our own alleged “communities,” voting rights, terrible wage inequalities, and many many more issues. “They ask for equal dignity in the eyes of the law,” wrote Justice Anthony Kennedy in the majority opinion. “The Constitution grants them that right.” Good for them/us.

Professionally, there have been some updates as well.

On Wednesday, I received an acceptance to present at ASTR in November, which was very exciting. (You may remember that I posted my proposal here on the blog.) I have never been to ASTR before, and not only am I excited to present on my work (which is also very much in its beginning phases) but also to do it in a form different from any other academic presentation I have done before: I am going to put together a poster!

Then something else happened. On Friday, I was offered and accepted a teaching position with the Department of Communications Studies at Baruch College. I will teach their Speech Communications class starting at the end of August. I’m quite excited as I’ll be working in an environment in which VOCAT (also reported on in The Chronicle of Higher Education) has been developed, and I can’t wait to put all the conversations we’ve had with The Futures Initiative over the past year into practice!

My main focus over the past week, just like last week, was to start focus fully on my reading. I realized that I need to keep myself in control somehow, and I have previously found the Pomodoro technique useful for writing. So I thought I should try it with reading as well. I realized how much time it takes to read all those pages, so now I’m getting nervous and a little stressed out. I’ll report back in a week to see how I’m doing. (For those of you who want to try it, I’d recommend this app for Macs/also on the web; and a group on Facebook that can help you get started/motivated.)

I am also falling behind in my working out, which makes me a little disappointed as well. Perhaps tomorrow, I’ll start off the day with a little run and, at the very least, a couple of exercises. I did so well in the past two weeks! I will try to work a little on that as well.