I am flying out to ASTR next week and am still wrapping up my blog entry for the working group. Some changes in my life have made it hard for me at times to focus on work matters after finishing and passing my comprehensive exams. But the paper is coming along — it will be cross-posted here on the blog as well and will focus on the methodology I’ve developed, so far, to construct the Twitter map of tweets on male striptease and boylesque over the past year. And most importantly, the paper will focus on the flaws and problems of that methodology, which I want to address at an early stage, and see if other scholars and/or artists might have some input on how to change the methodology around to make my project more feasible.

I have also been accepted to talk at the event “CUNY DHI: Building a Digital Humanities Community at the City University of New York,” organized by the Digital Fellows at The Graduate Center, CUNY. I will do a shortened version of what I am planning on doing at ASTR, and illustrate with the help of an updated version of the map that is currently available on this website.

In terms of my dissertation, I’m still reading towards my dissertation proposal (which includes reading up on male striptease as well as a lot of methodological books and articles on social media research). I am also putting together a dissertation committee. My chair, who has accepted the job already, is Professor James Wilson. I have one more dissertation committee member who has agreed to be part of the project, Professor Elizabeth Wollman. I am very excited to get to work with Liz again!