This is a list of documentaries on the topic of boylesque and male-identified performers in burlesque. It is still under construction. If you know about a documentary that is not listed here, please let me know:

Boylesque (2017)
A mini documentary on Bytowne boys, Ottawa’s first boylesque troop, created by Kristine Lee, Emma Tranter and David Deen.

Boylesque (2016)
A short online documentary following Sir Midnight Blues (Connor Murphy) from Birmingham, UK.

Play Me Burlesque (2016)
Malgorzata Saniewska. Features Mr. Gorgeous in a long list of other burlesque artists as well, such as Calamity Chang, Peekaboo Pointe, Medianoche, Bettina May, Jo Weldon, Amber Ray, Gal Friday, Tansy, and Delysia La Chatte.

Bojleska (2016)
A Polish documentary, directed by Bogna Kowalczyk, focusing on two contemporary male-identified performers in Polish burlesque, Zunek and Master Bee (Sylwester Biraga), and a third performer, Madame Lula (Andrzej), who is credited as the first Polish drag queen.

I’m A Stripper: Boylesque (2014)
Part of a series of five full-length documentaries (see below). Featuring Boylesque TO.

Us Naked: Trixie & Monkey (2014)

Exposed (2013)
Features Mat Fraser, Rose Wood, and Tigger! and other female-identified burlesque artists Bambi the Mermaid, Bunny Love, Dirty Martini, Julie Atlas Muz, and World Famous *BOB*.

Waxie Moon (2009)
Directed by Wes Hurley, this full-length documentary covers the life of early boylesque performer Waxie Moon. A trailer is available here.

Related – on the topic of male striptease

I’m A Stripper (2014)

LaBare: The True Stories Behind the Magic (2014)
Directed by Joe Manganiello.

Big Man (2014)
Documentary about the Polish champion in male striptease, “Ferico.”

Striptease Unveiled (2010)
French documentary mostly about female strippers but it also compares and contrasts their work with that of male strippers.

The Crippendales (2007)
Follows the work by Britain’s first group of differently-abled male strippers, and their recruitment and training. It also documents their performances at the Adonis Club in Brighton. A clip from the film is available here.

Chippendales kommer til byen (2004)

Bad Boy Charlie (2003)
Documents the life of Charlie, a young male striptease dancer. Directed by Haukur Karlsson.

Fluff (2003)
Short documentary by Todd Verow offering a behind-the-scenes look at an all male strip club.

The Bottom Line: Revealing The Full Monty (2002)
Follows the creation of the popular movie The Full Monty.

The Chippendales Murder (2000)
Biopic, so technically not a documentary. Follows the story of Chippendales founder Steve Banerjee.

Just Can’t Get Enough: The True Story of the Chippendales’ Murders (2000)
Technically not a documentary but tracks the story of the popular male exotic dance troupe.

Chippendales: A Secret History (1998)

The Real Deal (1998)

Some Like It Hot (1992)
Profiles some hot firefighters who participated in a strip show and the creation of a fundraising calendar.

Related – on the topic of burlesque

Burlesque: Heart of the Glitter Tribe (2017)
Trailer here.

League of Exotic Dancers (2015)

Paul O’Grady Perspectives: Burlesque (2013)

Satan’s Angel: Queen of the Fire Tassels (2012)

Exotic World and the Burlesque Revival (2011)

Dirty Martini and the New Burlesque (2010)

The Faux Real (2010)
Short documentary about three cis-women dressing as drag queens.

Burlesque Undressed (2010)
Trailer here.

Behind the Burly Q (2010)

A Wink And A Smile (2008)

The Anatomy of Burlesque (2003)

Beauties of the Night (2016)

The Tease Not The Sleaze
Web documentary series, depicting the women-identified performers who started Edinburgh’s new burlesque revival.

The Daggers Are Out: A Documentary About Burlesque

Tits and Feathers a Burlesque Documentary