Essential Burlesque History Reading

Robert C. Allen, Horrible Prettiness: Burlesque and American Culture
A. W. Stencell, Girl show: Into the canvas world of bump and grind
Robert M. Lewis, From traveling show to vaudeville: Theatrical spectacle in America, 1830-1910
Jane Briggeman, Burlesque: A living history
Andrew Davis, Baggy pants comedy: Burlesque and the oral tradition
Leslie Harter Zemeckis, Behind the Burly Q: The story of burlesque in America
Liz Goldwyn, Pretty things: The last generation of American burlesque queens
Bernard Sobel, Burleycue: An underground history of burlesque days
Ann Corio, This was burlesque: A pictorial history of burlesque
Kurt Gänzl, Lydia Thompson, queen of burlesque
Kaitlyn Regehr, The League of Exotic Dancers: Legends from American burlesque

On Neo-burlesque/Burlesque revival
Michelle Baldwin, Burlesque and the new bump-n-grind
Jo Weldon, The burlesque handbook